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3CX WebMeeting Web Conferencing Made Easy

Note: 3CX Webmeeting is not available yet, it will be available in Q1 of 2014 as an add on to 3CX Phone System 

3CX WebMeeting is a video conferencing and collaboration solution that will transform communications within your company and with customers. Increase productivity, reduce business travel, stream line operations, improve customer service and propel sales!

Enrich a standard phone call with video, visualize a sales pitch with a product presentation, co browse and point participants to content on the web, take control of a participants desktop to fix or show something on their computer and more, all with a few mouse clicks, agent less and without user training. See productivity and sales fly as users improve communications with 3CX WebMeeting.

Web conferences can easily be launched from the web portal or the 3CXPhone client with a few mouse-clicks.Participants can join using their phone, the light weight windows conferencing client or without installing any software at all using WebRTC included in Firefox or Chrome. (available Q2 2014)

Clientless Web Conferencing Solution Using WebRTC

By leveraging WebRTC, meeting participants do not need to install any software at all, not even Adobe Flash. Googles WebRTC technology, bundled in with leading browsers FireFox and Chrome, allows participants to seamlessly and effortlessly join meetings. (Versión 12.5)

Key Features:

  • Full integration with 3CX Phone System, delivered as a hosted Add On
  • No need for a separate client or login use 3CX client
  • Video and Voice conferencing
  • Document & PowerPoint Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • White Board
  • Text Chat & File Transfer
  • Clientless using WebRTC (Versión 12.5)
  • Organize webinars, trainings with the Virtual Classroom features

More information on 3CX WebMeeting will be announced soon.